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4th class

Pupil's Work

3rd and 4th

December in Carrigboy

The Christmas craft fair was very success to C.B.N.S they earned an amazing
amount of 4.400 euro it's a great activity to do every Christmas. 5th and 6th were very successful at the Christmas craft fair they gave a cheque to St.Vincent de Paul for 300 euro. They were very thankful to all the parents of C.B.N.S. who helped them make lovely baubles and Christmas trees made from bits of wood and for all the people that donated prizes for the Christmas craft fair. A word of thanks for all the teachers that helped for the Christmas craft fair. We would like to thank everyone that came to the Christmas play and who ever gave and helped with costumes for the play. Thanks to the staff who helped children with their plays. Thanks to all the teachers that taught me during my year at C.B.N.S

By Charley Eisner 4th Class

School sports year

Over the last year our school did a lot of sports activities the most recent in football was mini sevens . The first match was against kealkill we didn't do to well, but we were still confident. The second match was against Eyeries, we did not play the third match due to bad weather. Usually a rugby coach comes in every Thursday for tag-rugby this is for all classes. We had a bad year for sciath na scol the first match was against Rath ns we were close to winning but in the end Rath just got ahead of us. The second match we were against Castlehaven we were trashed. Their backs were really hard to get through. The third match we did better we were losing in the first half by a lot but in the second half we did a bit better. We did well in Cork city sports our boys junior relay team dropped the baton after getting a bad start. The members of the relay team were - Darragh Croke, James Mallon, Evan Hourihane and Mark Collins. The girls junior relay team got an excellent start but slowed down during the relay. Overall we had a good year.

By James Mallon

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