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Pupil's Work

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On the 28th of November, all of the 6th class were invited to an open night in Coláiste Pobail Bheanntrai. The outside of the secondary school in just so big and different compared to Carrigboy. The sports hall in Coláiste Pobail is probably bigger than our whole school! When you first step into the school you can't really describe it. Going around to all the different classrooms was just amazing because in every room there was something new and different to look at. Personally, my favourite room in Coláiste Pobail was the art room and science laboratory. The art room is breathtaking with all the different sculptures and intricate paintings. The pupil's 3-D sculptures are amazing!! I cannot wait to attend the art class. I thought that the science lab was spectacular, with all the test tubes, beakers and diagrams, they were just so cool!! I am really looking for to attending Colaiste Pobail but I am really going to miss Carrigboy N.S and the teachers. By Aoife O'Sullivan 6th Class

This year for the Christmas Craft Fair, Polly Green and other parents helped us to make Christmas Crafts. We made three different kinds of crafts which were scented candles, 3D wooden Christmas trees, and needle felted baubles. The main aim was to raise money for Carrigboy N.S and St. Vincent De Paul, but it was great fun as well. Our group made candles which was very interesting, as we got to choose what colours and scents we wanted. To make the candles we had to glue the wicks to the bottom of the jar, melt the wax, colour it, pour it in to the individual jars, and add the scent before it sets. My favourite part was watching the wax set because it set really quickly, and decorating them with Christmas ribbons. Even though we chose to make candles, in the end, there were enough materials left for everyone to have a go at everything, which was a nice surprise. I really enjoyed using the drill to make the 3D Christmas tree, and putting them together and decorating them. Making the felted baubles was interesting because I had never done anything like it before. Covering the polystyrene baubles with different coloured wool was enjoyable and unusual and they all turned out really well. Once they were all finished, we had to decide what part we wanted in selling them and I was a banker. In the end we raised €479 which was very good.
By Sophie Harrington 6th Class

This year Carrigboy N.S has been very lucky with lots of events taking place. Some people like to reflect back over the school year, so here are some events that have happened. We did the shoe box appeal were we donated 86 shoe boxes. Our new Junior Infants are very happy and have settled in well. Also we were very happy with our craft fair this year where we raised €4,400. We also saw Santa when he came in and gave everybody lollipops. As well 5th and 6th classes came second in Ireland in the maths target board challenge. As I'm sure you know the school play has just taken place. Overall this year has been fantastic and I hope they keep it up. When the 6th class leave to secondary school, and I,
Millie Baynham,will miss our teachers.

This year for our annual Christmas craft fair 5th and 6th classes made some Christmas Decorations to sell for Saint Vincent de Paul .We made wooden Christmas trees, scented candles and needle felted baubles. We raised an extraordinary four hundred and seventy nine euro for Saint Vincent de Paul and Carrigboy National School. Also this year as most years we helped the Team Hope Shoebox Appeal. We donated 86 shoe boxes to Team Hope. We also put on a Christmas concert as we do every year. This year as ever, during the break we had a raffle to raise money for Saint Vincent de Paul. All the classes performed excellently, hopefully you were able to be there .Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
By Patrick Penney 6th Class

As fourteen computers whirled into life so too did the pupils of Fifth and Sixth but unlike most weeks there was only one subject on everyone's mind MATHS!! 2to3 hours of solid writing then we hit the computers. Buttons were mashed, mice were clicked and without knowing we were being educated at a phenomenal rate. Not only were we being educated in the field of maths we were also being taught about computers and typing. So to conclude it was a very useful yet surprisingly enjoyable experience.
By Gibbs Croke 6th Class

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